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Warranty Policy
We thank you for your trust in Tanita. Please keep the warranty note after purchasing, as well as contacting the warranty center if any problem occurred to the product
Product Manual
Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy
Warranty period
1 year after the activated warranty date.

Warranty conditions
During the valid warranty period, the product will be fixed for free if the damaging reason is discovered to be caused by the manufacturer.

Product are not applicable for warranty
The damaged product is caused by natural disasters, accidents, melted batteries, using the product in a wrong way that has been stated in the manual, scratching warranty stamp, dropping, sabotage or getting soaked in water.

Customer’s benefit
Receiving 1-year warranty for the purchased product.

Sales staff are in charge of filling full customer’s information on the warranty stamp and sending back to Hai Li Ltd Co.

Registering stamps
Including three (3) stamps:
  • One on the box cover.
  • One on the product bottom.
  • One on the warranty stamp.